Ultra-Light Rear Wiper

Ultra-Light for superb performance

High-strength light-weight framing ensures exceptional weather endurance; scientific design of claw distribution offers clean wiping results in both shiny and rainy days. Three benefits in one offer – the best choice for rear wiper.



Inch 10" 12" 14"
mm 250 300 350

Product Feature

Super Clear

40+ years of rubber R&D and production technologies combined with precision molding and cutting technologies for ensured wiping cleanliness.

Exclusive hybrid rubber formula ensures excellent weather resistance of rubber for exceptional wiping cleanliness in extremely cold environments.

Super Durability

Use of high purity natural rubber/synthetic rubber gives a lifespan average exceeding common rubber blades and passes harsh tests of 500,000-cycle friction resistance testing

Use of imported High Rigidity materials for wiper frame ensures passing 1.5 million cycling wiping test to enhance deformation resistance and bending resistance of the product.

Super Weather Resistant

Choice of high-performance synthetic rubber combined with special resin coating process to prevent premature aging of the product and adapt to weather extremities.

Implement with fully automated double-layer paint technology, effectively protects the frame against harsh weather conditions with improved erosion and corrosion resistance.

R207 Applicable of arms : 2A

R209 Applicable of arms : 2B

R209 Applicable of arms : 2C